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 Traditionally, a Web server works in a user-specific mode. This adds overheads to the Web server, which may affect its overall performance. The Tux Web server eliminates these overheads as it runs at the kernel level. In this article, we will implement Tux on PCQLinux 8.0 (given with PCQuest, March 2003). And, you’ll find the latest version of tux on this month’s PCQEssential CD. 

To install Tux, install PCQLinux 8.0 with the ‘Web Server’ option. Then copy the Tux Web server rpm file to the root directory from this month’s CD as follows: 

#cp /mnt/cdrom/unlimited os/linux/ /root

Now go to the root directory from a terminal window and install it as follows.

#rpm —ivh

After the installation, you need to configure Tux to host your Web pages. For this, open the file /etc/ sysconfig/tux and find the DOCROOT entry. Replace its path with the location of your site containing your HTML files.

Before starting the Tux Web server, make sure that you’ve stopped any other Web server, such as Apache, that you may be running. You can do this through Webmin. You’ll find Apache configuration under Servers. Check whether the httpd service is running, as it is required by Tux to run. You can start, stop and check the status of Tux as follows: 

#service start tux (to start tux web server)
#service stop tux (to stop tux web server)
#service status tux (to check the status of tux web sever)

If you want to automatically start the Tux Web server when your machine boots up, then open the Terminal window and issue redhat-config-services. This will bring a window showing all the services installed on your machine. Scroll down until you find the entry for Tux. Save the settings and click on the Restart button.

Finally, to check whether the Tux Web server is hosting your Web pages or not, open a browser and give the URL for
localhost, viz. This should pop up the website you’re hosting. 

This was an overview of how to get started with Tux. In the next issue, we’ll talk about using the more advanced features of Tux.

Sanjay Majumder

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