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One of the prime areas of concern for any organization is to enhance the
productivity of employees. One way to achieve this is by keeping a tab on their
Internet activities. LanWatchDog Enterprise 3.0 is a Windows (NT/2K/XP/2003)
compatible software which you can use to monitor and control Web surfing, Web
postings, chat, file transfer and bandwidth usage by all systems on your
network. It should be installed on your Internet gateway or a proxy server, so
that it can intercept incoming and outgoing traffic. WinPcap driver is a
prerequisite to run LanWatchDog. WinPcap version 3.1 comes packed with this
solution. LanWatchDog has a Web-based interface where you can configure your
entire Web usage policy.

To start off, you need to select the network adapter that connects the
monitoring system to the network. Choose the IP/MAC addresses of the systems you
wish to control. You can then browse through a detailed analysis of Internet
usage of these PCs and set policies to restrict unwanted use.

Direct Hit!
Applies To: IT
Price: $199
USP: An easy way to control
Web-activity on your network
Google Keywords: LanWatchDog


Go to Monitoring settings and select the
network adapter, mode and IP/MAC address, depending on the mode selected
Set your own Blocking Rules for Web access,
file downloads, e-mails, IMs and file transfers


Get the report of bandwidth usage for
indvidual computers and also their up-time
It provides you a detailed report of Web
usage being made on every computer on your network

Sanjay Majumder With help from Abhinav Puri

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