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This 10Base-T to 10Base-2 media converter from Adcom converts 10Base-T Ethernet UTPsignals to the Ethernet Coaxial medium and vice-versa. This media converter is a smart solution for network administrators, as it can combine or extend your old coaxial cabling structure with the latest (UTP-based) structured cabling. 

This media converter has a built-in repeater inside

Price: Rs 3,100
Meant For:
Network administrators
Features: Integrates 10Base-T and 10Base-2 networks 
Pros: Easy to set up
Cons: Expensive
 Advantage Computer India.
 Tel: 011-6485384—6.

It has a built-in repeater inside, which regenerates signals between the (UTP& BNC) Ports. The converter acts as a bridging device between the two mediums. It has IEEE 802.3 10Base-2 and 10Base-T standard interfaces so that you can connect both coaxial and RJ45 cables to it. The converter supports full duplex operation. It also has a small switch on the side labeled MPR and DTE. The former lets you connect the converter to a switch or hub while the latter lets you hook it directly to a PC’s network card. 

Setting up the converter is quite easy, and a matter of connecting both coaxial and UTP media connectors to it. You do have to ensure, however, that the coaxial cable is terminated at both ends with the BNC terminator. It has 4 LEDs on the front panel for easy troubleshooting. 

The Bottom Line The converter comes with a power adaptor, two-page instruction guide and a T-connecter for connecting the coaxial cable to the converter. It costs Rs 3,100, which is a little high, considering that you can get a regular
8-port hub with a BNC connector for much less.

Sanjay Majumder at PCQ Labs

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