Core Integra integrates Technology in resolving labor Compliances processes on its platform

Core Integra launched Ctrl F software as India's first SaaS-based full-scale labor law compliance platform to resolve compliance processes in order to simplify it

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Mr. Mahesh krishnamoorthy MD Core Integra

When we hear the phrase "Labor Law Compliance," we immediately see volumes of paper, box files, bound books, registers, and various colored forms in English and regional languages. This was the crude reality a decade ago when Core Integra launched Ctrl F software as India's first SaaS-based full-scale labor law compliance platform.


What is Core Integra and its flagship Ctrl F platform?

Ctrl F easily tracks the ever-changing environment of labor compliance and brings a centralized Compliance monitoring framework with a complete checklist of all applicable central, state, and industry-specific laws. The SaaS-based plug-and-play tool gives free access to 40,000 pages of the Indian labor laws: 1000+ Laws and Acts, 10,000+ compliances, 20000+ legal updates, and 1000+ register and return formats, including approximately: 200 bi-lingual designs, and more.

Being an integrated governance, risk, and compliance software, Ctrl F manages contracts, litigation, risks, controls, and audits. The software is also capable of tracking policies, procedures, SOPs etc. with automated alerts and triggers that support the comprehensive dashboards and reports. Its, intuitive and easy-to-use modern design and interface are designed for an enhanced visual experience. 


How did the platform Core Integra come into the compliance process?

As said above, Ctrl F, by Core Integra is the first SaaS-based labor law compliance platform that offers a library of over 40,000 pages of Indian labor laws, 1000+ Laws and Acts, 10,000+ compliances, 20000+ legal updates, and 1000+ formats, including bi-lingual ones, in their software. It aims to provide businesses with a centralized compliance monitoring framework.

In olden times, compliances, especially in the labor law domain, were largely supported by regional or local players, and manual paper-based processing was a real challenge.Core Integra identified the gap and motivated by its aspiration to be a national-level player catering to all States in a country, it ventured into developing technology in this domain, which was practically nonexistent.


Today, the platform is offered under the services and SaaS model, with over 7,000 enterprise users across 30 industries using it for their regular compliance tasks, which will also create job opportunities for the city's talent pool in the areas of Operations, Business Development, and Technology.

Is Government willing to do any changes in labor laws for betterment?

The labor law space has come to the attention of the Government in the last few years as a part of their endeavor towards “ease of doing business” in India. On the one hand, there are initiatives to digitalize compliance, and on the other hand, simplification and consolidation of labor laws have been proposed.


The Shram Suvidha portal, the Single Online Common Annual Return, the Labour Inspection Scheme based on risk criteria, the Online EPFO, & ESIC portals, Samadhan portal are examples of Government initiatives of digitalizing labor law compliance for transparency, ease for the end user and appropriate grievance redressal mechanism.

One of the major steps towards simplification and consolidation would be the New Wage Code, which amalgamates 29 prevailing labor laws into four codes and is expected to be implemented at any time since as many as 30 States have prepared the draft rules.

What regulatory compliance services does Core Integra provide?


Core Integra has been in existence for 15 years now, with leadership in the areas of Regulatory Compliance with a specific focus on labor Law compliance, Reg Tech solutions, and HR Operations.

The platform has a large bouquet of offerings, which include Compliance advisory, Compliance execution services, liaison with authorities, HR Operations, Payroll outsourcing, and Manpower solutions. Along with that, the platform offers new technology like Ctrl F, which is our flagship product for labor law compliances and includes an e-library that covers all Acts, Laws, Circulars, and Notifications beyond labor laws, as well as a GRC tool that supports organizations in monitoring and reporting their overall Enterprise compliances.

Core X is an HRMS solution that covers the entire employee lifecycle, including payroll. Core PFT is our software for PF Trust operations. It is also based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which ensures human efforts are directed toward qualitative tasks, analytics, and customer relationship management.


Is Core Integra looking to expand in the upcoming year?

Core Integra has been well supported by its existing clients, and Client referral has been the largest business acquisition source. With over 500 enterprise-level Clients across 30 industries and 7,000+ enterprise users on the platforms, we are poised for a rapid growth strategy.

The Company looks forward to adding another 300 new logos this financial year and also increasing its wallet share with existing Clients through cross-selling by opening 3–4 new offices every quarter this financial year. There are many enhancements and new modules being developed for the platforms, including introducing new-age technologies like RPA and AI as embedded solutions.