COSEC Integrated with KRS via Web API Solved the Impediments of Viva Gym

The Viva Gym concept has been brought to offer a fitness experience to everyone.

Nijhum Rudra
New Update
Viva Gym Solution Diagram

The Viva Gym concept has been brought to offer a fitness experience to everyone. Viva aims at providing a modern, energetic and innovative exercise experience that will appeal to all. They wanted to focus more on members than the admin work. They have approximately 4000 users at this location. Now, they wanted to control access to the gym at three entries. Two of the entries had turnstile for normal people, while the third had a simple door for handicapped people. They wanted a solution that would ensure hygiene and help maintain health of their members.


The biggest challenge was to integrate the solution with KRS - the gym and membership management software. They wanted to transfer all membership details from their KRS software to the Access Control software for controlling access. Member details like name, date of joining, membership completion date, address proof and ID proof should be there with the software which controls the entry. Based on details in the application server, a user is allowed/denied entry

Viva gym wanted to eliminate human intervention in these activities in order to enhance error-free process and customer satisfaction.

Matrix Offered Solution

Looking at the complete process of the gym, Matrix offered four COSEC DOOR PVRs - a palm vein based Access Control and Time-Attendance terminal, a COSEC DOOR CAW - an RFID card based wireless Access Control and Time-Attendance terminal for handicapped people, COSEC LE PLATFORM and three COSEC LE USERS 1000. Two COSEC DOOR PVRs were installed two of the three gym entries for access control. Two COSEC DOOR PVRs were installed at two entries of the Admin department for enrolment purpose. One COSEC DOOR CAW was installed at the main entrance of the gym for handicapped people. COSEC CENTRA Application software was integrated with the KRS via Web API. As soon as the member details are fed into the system, a three digit PIN is generated from the KRS which goes to the COSEC application software. A member can use this three digit PIN only three times. When a member comes to the gym, he or she will be using this three digit PIN and enroll his or her palm for further use. Once the PIN is used for three times, the member will not be allowed access into the gym. In case of a handicapped member, he or she will be required to collect an RFID card from admin in order to get access to the gym.

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