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PDF files are really getting popular these days, as they are portable,

compact and readable through easily available free software. You can transfer

them anywhere without losing important data, fonts, styles and page formatting.

Today, we all agree that PDFs are useful, but when it comes to creating one, we

still have to depend on paid software, which means, even if you have to do it

occasionally. But not anymore, as with Create Adobe PDF Online, which is a

Web-based service and you can convert a wide variety of documents into Adobe PDF

files. It supports various document, presentation, spreadsheet, and image

formats. If your file format is not supported for online PDF creation, convert

it to a PS, PRN or EPS file and then try to convert it online. It can upload or

download up to 100 MB files and you can upload a maximum of 50 pages per PDF

file, do you ask for more.

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Price: $99.99 per year

USP: Unlimited use, create tagged
and accessible PDFs

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Google Keyword: Create Adobe PDF

After logging in, the welcome

page appears, where you see options like Document Conversion, Paper Capture,

Password Security and File Delivery etc.
Before converting a file, you

can set conversion parameters. For example, select Press for making high-res

PDFs for offset printing. If you want, you can password-protect the PDF

On successful conversion, you

can see the size of the PDF, a View PDF button and how to copy it to your

computer, as a file gets automatically deleted in 72 hours.
Just click View PDF and see

the converted file. You can save this file. Later on, you can also crop,

reduce file size, remove unwanted text, or whatever, using Adobe Acrobat