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Terragen offers you the rendering and modeling tools to create
photo-realistic landscape images and animations. You can apply special effects
for making the landscape more attractive. While creating a landscape, you can
control the weather, lakes, stars and the shader networks used for terrain,
textures, clouds, etc. The user-friendly interface lets you navigate through
tools such as, Object, Terrain, Shaders, Water, Atmosphere, etc without any
difficulty. Some of the good features of Terragen 2 include Hybrid micropolygon
renderer used for large landscapes, export high resolution objects, import 3D
objects for rendering, render millions of plants, 3D painting of colors and
masks, etc. Available for both Win and Mac, the application is free for personal
use with few limitations. Here, we create a landscape comprising sky, water and

Direct Hit!

Applies To: Game developers
Price: $299 ( free for personal use)
USP: Apply special effects to the
landscape to make it more attractive Primary

Keyword: terragen


Click on ‘Terrain’ menu and
select ‘Heightfield generate 01’ node to open the node settings window.
Click on ‘Generate Now’ box and it will show you a 3D preview.
Press and hold ‘Alt’ key, use
the right and left mouse button and move the preview up and down to have a
better view. Click on ‘visible atmosphere in the 3D preview’ and it will
show you the sky.


Click on ‘Copy this view to the
current render camera’ button, at the bottom of the 3D preview. Press ‘Open
Render View’ and click on ‘Render’. Now save the file.
Select the ‘Heightfield shader
01’ and deselect ‘Enable’ box to disable the ‘Heightfield shader’. The 3D
preview will look like an ordinary flat landscape.


Go to ‘Add Terrain’ and choose
‘Power Fractal’ from the dropdown list. This adds a new node called ‘Fractal
terrain’ in the nod list and the preview changes automatically.
Press and hold ‘Alt’ key and the
mouse button over the 3D preview. This will show you the Vheight value. If
the value is negative, right click and drag the image to make it positive.


Press the ‘Shaders’ menu and
click on ‘base colors’. Go to ‘Color’ section and click on the box at the
extreme right. This will show you a color palette.
Let’s color the surface. Assign
Red value to 128 and Green value to 64, and click on ‘Ok’. This changes the
3D preview color.


Click on ‘Add Layer’ button,
select ‘Surface Layer’and name it (Grass, in our case). Click on the color
box and assign the value Red to 107 and Green to 135.
Click on ‘Altitude Constraints’
and select ‘Limit maximum altitude’. Assign the ‘Maximum altitude’ value to
600. This will show you the brown mountain tops.

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