Creative Destruction Review: A Fortnite Clone For Everyone

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Before Fortnite came on Android and iOS there was Creative Destruction. The game was developed by Titan Studio but later was purchased by Netease games. Creative Destruction is a sandbox based battle royal just like Fortnite but for mobile devices. Now that Apple and Google both have removed Fortnite from their platforms it is time that we give another look to the game that actually cloned Fortnite for mobile devices. Creative Destruction is a clone of Fortnite without a doubt but just because it is a clone doesn’t mean that it is a bad game. When Fortnite was launched on Android it faced its first big hurdle which was optimization. Fortnite on Android could run fine on devices that had the Snapdragon 800 series of processors but these processors are flagship SoC’s and many users in countries like India and China are still using midrange devices. So for them, it made more sense to play Creative Destruction over Fortnite.

Creative Destruction ReviewSushant Singh | Pcquest

Creative Destruction Review:

Creative Destruction ReviewSushant Singh | Pcquest

Creative Destruction starts with 100 players dropping on the map just like any other mobile battle royal. Unlike most battle royals in Creative Destruction, players have to not only find weapons but also harvest materials from trees and stones to build structures as you would do in Fortnite. One thing that stood out in the game was how Netease has optimized it to run on mid-range devices. Instead of using heavy animations as Fortnite does, Creative Destruction had used a more simple style of animations and made the building mechanics more manageable for the game. That being said, after playing the game for more than a week we can definitely say that there is a significant learning curve to the game and players should definitely take their time. The good thing about Creative Destruction is that it uses skill-based matchmaking so most players you will find in the match will either be at your level or just bots. By using Fortnite as its base to build upon, Creative Destruction devs did something quite remarkable. The weapon mechanics are well fleshed out and even in the game we rarely found ourselves fighting hackers. There is not much to the game itself apart from the battle royal being merged with sandbox mechanics.

Creative Destruction Review: Final Thoughts

Creative Destruction is the game that will be a perfect match for players who want to get a feel for Fortnite on their mobile phones. Even as a stand-alone game there is a lot to like about Creative Destruction. Building mechanics are well developed. The weapon system is also much more polished than what you would expect from a clone game. Compared to Free Fire which was a clone of PUBG Creative Destruction is much better. The game is good enough that we would actually grind it if we could. There is also a PC port of the game that is very stable and actually done well.

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