Cricket fans feel the pulse of Cricket World Cup 2015 with IBM

IBM delivers new cricket insights to fans with Cloud and Analytics

Anuj Sharma
New Update

Using cloud and advanced analytics technology, IBM is providing live match analysis, player performance and social insights taking the fan experience to the next level.


Data has become a real game changer in sport, and is increasingly being used by coaches, players, officials, commentators and front-office personnel around the world, across a range of sports, to get new information and better support decision making. During the Cricket World Cup 2015 IBM will provide the following insights:

IBM Social Sentiment Index leverages sophisticated IBM Watson Content Analytics delivered as part of Watson Foundations to aggregate and analyze public opinions shared across millions of tweets and other social conversations during the Cup.  The tool will analyze these data streams to generate predictions on the teams most likely to win the tournament, highlight the most talked about players and teams and more.

 The Wisden Impact Index is in partnership with Wisden India, a world leading cricket reporting organization. This delivers comparative and correlated insights leveraging historical and current data. As cricket matches progress, it produces the following insights:

Match Up – a comparative overview of how the two teams stack up against each other in terms of the collective potential they possess


 Power Players – Highlights the impact of players’ performance from respective teams against Power Heroes of the past Cricket World Cup tournaments. This is on the basis of their pre-match impact data

Player Performance – gives fans a view of an individual player’s potential highlighting their performance across three criterions – an individual’s career, Past Year performance and current Match performance

 Impact Heroes, Man of the Match vs. Impact Heroes – highlights players, whose performance impacted or changed the flow of the match.

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