Crusaders Launches PM 2.5 Air Quality Monitor

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Crusaders PM 2.5 Air Quality Monitor” exclusively designed to check the quality of the air in the environment at a very affordable price. It can be used for checking the air quality of indoors, cars, public area, etc.


In India, Air Pollution is a prevailing issue which people know about but pay no heed. This enhances the risk of airborne diseases, including asthma, tuberculosis, influenza, heart attacks, lung cancer etc. To keep a check on such unnoticed issues, Crusaders has introduced Crusaders PM 2.5 Air Quality Monitor which helps in examining the air quality around us and take necessary measures to control the level of air quality or pollution level.


The product parts include: Main Device having an Air inlet, Air outlet, display, charging jack and the package includes user manual cum warranty card and a USB power cable.


What is PM2.5?

PM 2.5 refers to particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller in diameter (40 times smaller in comparison to the diameter of 1 hair strand). The air we breathe contains millions of tiny particles made up of different materials in many different sizes, often requiring special microscopes to see them. The hair in the nose and the bends of the nostrils and throat help capture most of the larger particles. However, the smallest of the particles are not stopped by the nose and throat and can travel deeply into the air-exchange region of the lungs. The human lungs do not have defence mechanisms to provide protection from these tiny particles, enabling them to potentially pass directly into the blood stream or accumulating within the lungs and interfering with the air-exchange process.


Operation Process:

  • The switch ON/OFF button has to be pressed for three seconds; LED lights are up after one second, And PM 2.5 Detector starts working.
  • To switch off PM 2.5 Detector hold on the switch ON/OFF button for three seconds.
  •  PM 2.5 Detector will automatically be switched off, if there is no activity for 2 minutes.
  • Press switch button twice, PM2.5 detector will start working in super-mode, continuously monitoring the concentration of PM 2.5.


Technical Specifications:

  • Crusaders air quality meter has PM2.5 Laser Meter
  • The PM2.5 Laser Meter, can give real time reading for PM2.5 size of particle
  • Uses laser particle sensors, which are more accurate (error rate of 1 μg/m3) as compared to normally available dust sensors using IR.
  • Per second reading uses a complex algorithm, to compute the concentration value in μg/m3.
  • Auto – standby option in case of ideal time of 2 minutes.
  • Has in-built Li-Ion rechargeable battery for long working hours.
  • It is Compact, convenient and portable.

Product Key Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Sensitive Reaction
  • Fashion appearance, carry convenience.
  • Wide Application range, It can be used in indoor, Car, Public area, etc.

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