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Unauthorized duplication of paper documents is a growing concern today.
Counterfeit documents such as bills, tickets and invoices can have a huge
financial impact for a business. Organizations look fora tactical and
operational approach to do away with such forgery issues.

Keeping this in mind, Xerox introduced a suite of fraud-resistant specialty
imaging solutions called FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection, for static and
variable digital printing jobs. The solutions are especially developed to add an
extra level of security and authentication to the papers. A part of FreeFlow VI
suite, these imaging solutions are designed to help businesses in three ways:
connect with customers, reduce costs through automation and enable new
applications. It costs you around Rs15-16 Lacs for a perpetual license and are
only facilitated on Xerox printers.

Available solutions
The MicroText Specialty Imaging Font, readable only with a loupe
or magnifying glass is designed to provide additional security to valuable
documents such as birth certificates, credit cards, etc.

Correlation Marks: This provides a unique method to protect and track
documents by creating a self-authenticating, secure document containing an
invisible, hidden image. With Correlation Mark technology, the user can hide an
invisible image during the printing process with no alteration to the original

Glossmark: This is a watermarking technology that exhibits a special
visual effect by creating different levels of gloss within an image. The
Glossmark is an image or pattern embedded in an existing image without the need
for special toners or paper. It helps tackle counterfeiting by embedding a
hologram-like image onto the surface of the printout.

FluorescentMark: Printed text that is only visible under
UV/black-light that enables to protect sensitive documents like concert tickets,
admission passes, and retail promotions.

InfraredMark Specialty Imaging Font: This is only visible in the dark, with
an infrared camera. It does not require special ink, but is printed with
ordinary toner that forms xerographic images.

Bottomline: The innovative solutions sound exciting but are really
expensive and are facilitated only on Xerox printers.

Isha Gakhar

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