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Sunil Rajguru
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Deepak Pargaonkar, Vice President, Solution Engineering at Salesforce, talks about the latest tech trends, how low code is helping businesses, changes in the Indian IT services sector and how Salesforce and its customers have adapted in the New Normal.


Deepak explained the simple and long-term Salesforce principle of Success from Anywhere, “You can sell from anywhere, you can service from anywhere and you can engage from anywhere.” He added, “Employees will work from home, customers will engage more and more digitally, businesses will work on a lot of transformations whereby engagement, transactions, business processes, will also get digital… Entire businesses will start getting more and more data driven, more and more intelligence driven, more and more process oriented.”

On technologies like cloud and low code in the Covid Era, Deepak said, “Many customers, many organizations who have succeeded in this era of pandemic hit economies as well as challenging circumstances are the ones who had an ability to be nimble. That ability to be nimble largely depended on their technologies. So technologies like cloud played an important role. The same way low code is also going to play an important role. Undoubtedly these things are going to shape the way in which the world is going to democratize technology.”

Deepak also talked about product innovations like the Salesforce Vaccine Cloud solution that is serving many organizations and many governments during this Covid Era.

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