Cyber-Security Predictions 2017 for Cloud

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Hackers have grown more and more sophisticated, and a large cloud service provider is a data-rich target, holding the sensitive information of thousands of companies and perhaps millions of consumers. However, there is a lack of public information regarding data security breaches in the cloud

The growing use of cloud services (SaaS) and the increase in backup and storage of confidential data in the cloud are most likely to cause a data breach in the cloud.

Let’s take a look at top security predictions for cloud ecosystem.

The enterprise network will expand and become increasingly undefined and diffuse

With the workforce more mobile than ever, the need to primarily protect an on-premise network will become increasingly short-sighted. The need for firewalls to defend a singular network becomes unnecessary if it is connected to the cloud. All enterprises will start to move towards WiFi and cloud-based services, rather than investing in expensive and unnecessary network solutions.

Ransomware will attack the cloud

Given the significant shift towards cloud-based storage and services, the cloud is becoming a very lucrative target for attacks. The cloud is not protected by firewalls or more traditional security measures, so there will be a shift in where enterprises need to defend their data. Cloud attacks could result in multi-million dollar damages and loss of critical data, so the need to defend it will become even more crucial.

AI/Machine Learning will require sophisticated Big Data capabilities

In 2017, machine learning and AI will only continue to grow – Forrester predicts investment in Artificial Intelligence will grow 300 percent next year alone. With this growth comes a new, powerful insight for businesses to tap and an increased collaboration between humans and machines. From a security standpoint, this expansion will impact organizations in more ways than one – including endpoints and mechanisms in the cloud. As new forms of machine learning and AI continue to enter the market, enterprises will need to invest in solutions that have the capabilities to collect and analyze data from the countless endpoints and attack sensors across different organizations, industries, and geographies. These solutions will prove to be instrumental in teaching machines how to operate on the front lines of a global battle that change every day, minute by minute.

The proliferation of the Cloud Generation

We’ll continue to see a shift toward the modern workplace as businesses allow employees to introduce new technologies such as wearables, virtual reality, and IoT connected devices onto the network while supporting a rapidly dispersed workforce made possible by cloud applications and solutions. Enterprises will need to shift their focus from safeguarding endpoint devices toward protecting users and information across all applications and services.

This guest column is authored by ‎Tarun Kaura, Director – Solutions Product Management – Asia Pacific & Japan at Symantec.  

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