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This 600 VA UPS from D-Link is meant for backing up and providing power protection to single PC loads. It’s fairly compact and sleek weighing just 6 Kgs. The UPS has only a single LED on the front panel that indicates whether the UPS is on mains or battery, or overloaded. There are audible alarms as well to indicate the its health. Plus, the UPS has a standard RS-232 interface that can be used to
connect it to a PC. It also comes with WinPower software, which monitors the UPS. In case of a power cut, the software can automatically close all applications and shutdown the machine. 

This is useful if you’re not on your seat when there’s a power failure. 

We tested the UPS for three basic things-its maximum and minimum switchover voltage, its voltage regulation capabilities, and finally the back-up time. The switchover voltages are those beyond which the UPS switches the battery. Here, the lower cut-off came to 145 Volts, while the upper cut-off was 298 Volts. Both are good values, as the UPS won’t switch to battery as long as the voltage doesn’t fluctuate beyond them. The maximum output voltage that the UPS supplies to the load is pretty good at 255 V, though the lower limit should be slightly more than the 171 Volts it showed us. We next tested how long can the UPS continue supplying power to the load on battery. For this, we used a
simulated SMPS load rated at 80% of the UPS rating, or 480 VA. The UPS managed to stay live for 5 minutes 10 seconds. This is a good back-up time, considering that it only has a single 12V 7 AH battery. 

This also means that it would be able to power on a single PC load for a much longer duration. 

Bottom Line: Overall, it’s a good UPS, given its performance and the
attractive price.

Rupin Vij

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