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If you code in Visual Basic and want something to build powerful frontends for database applications, here’s something to consider. VSFlexGrid Pro 7.0 is a data aware grid component, which is an upgrade from the existing MSFlexGrid component in Visual Studio. It has many added features, and is also backward compatible with

You can do many useful things using FlexGrid. For one, you can bind data to various controls, including ADO, OLE DB, DAO and even 2D or 3D arrays. You can display the data in a tabular or tree structure to represent a hierarchical relation. The position of columns of a data table can be changed by drag-n-drop. Even if a user changes the position of a column, it can be accessed easily by its name since VSFlexGrid supports reference to columns by their names instead of their positions.

With VSFlexGrid you can easily parse and display XML data Single-clicking on a column header on a data table, re-arranges (sorts) its data and consequently data in other columns. While scrolling through the columns or rows of data, you can freeze the desired ones so that they don’t get out of view.

It supports masked editing, wherein you can specify input templates for automatically validating text, to minimize data entry errors. You can do this by specifying the mask syntax, similar to Microsoft MaskedEdit. You can add spice to the raw data in the grid by embedding pictures or background textures. The entire grid can be printed using a single statement in the code.

To top it all, VSFlexGrid has methods to parse data in XML format, extract the XML data objects, and associate them with the grid elements.

Price: Rs 18,500 per license

Contact: GrapeCity India, Delhi. Tel: 011-6463654/3661.

Shekhar Govindarajan in Gurgaon

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