Data-protection Solution 

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New Update

BakBone Software has announced the availability of NetVault's data-protection solution, for those using the Mac OS X server version 10.3 'Panther.' Users will be able to deploy a reliable, high-performance system with the same level of protection that they are familiar with in other OS environments.


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WiFi Security Appliance

TZ 170 SP wireless security appliance launched by SonicWALL, is designed for retail networks, branch office networks and the SOHO segment. It has broadened the product line of TZ 170 appliance. It enables the deployment of security solutions and services, such as SonicWALL's powerful Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), Content Filtering Service (CFS) and Complete Anti-virus in different business environments. The wireless models include 802.11b/g wireless LAN features. They come with wireless intrusion detection services and wireless firewalling for granular control of client-to-client communications. The SP models add an integrated analog modem with automatic failover and failback technology. TZ 170 series appliances are available in multiple node licensing configurations and allow users to add features and functionality according to their own needs.

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