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Security is one of the biggest issues in a storage mgmt domain. As size of
organization increases, so do threats to assets, including information. Best
network security 2.2 is an easy to implement solution that can regulate access
to info on Windows platform. Key features of this software are controlled and
customized access to computers, password protection, and IE customization. For
installation go to the URL provided in the specs box and download the zipped

The folder contains three programs server.exe, gui.exe, and client.exe, which
need to be installed in an order. First install server.exe on server connected
to all clients. During installation the wizard prompts for a port number, which
should be consistent with clients. Then install gui.exe on the computer through
which you want to monitor network. Finally, run client.exe on the remote client.

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Applies To:
Network admins
Secures data on the network
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Best network security 2.2


On the left hand side is the tree of
computers one can apply restrictions to. Just click on add computer/profile
to this list and apply restrictions
To add a profile right click on default from
tree and click on add profile. Remote client will automatically be added if
client.exe is installed on it


Now one can add restrictions to the profile.
In this implementation we are disabling Macromedia Flash Player. This can be
done by simply clicking on check box as shown
Apply profile (one in which we have added
restrictions) to remote client by seleting configured profile from drop down
box on
righthand side

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