Dax DX-137G-FN50

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Dax DX-137G-FN50 day-night outdoor Camera is a 2MP IP camera with a progressive CMOS sensor and a 3G module. Its H.264 video compression algorithm transmits the high definition video over low bandwidth. It supports upto 30 frames per second and it also adjusts the frame rate according to the bandwidth.


We connected this camera in a network and installed an application, SearchNVS, which helps in automatically detecting the IP camera over the network.The camera was detected, however, it only detects cameras that share the same hub on the LAN. We tried to ping the IP of the camera but didn't get reply. Then we changed the IP address of the camera and this time the command generated the reply. So you may also need to change the IP address of the camera before you can use it.


Rs 47,880

Meant for: Offices, Banks/ATM, Retail stores, parking lot

Key Specs: 2MP camera, CMOS sensor, built in web-server
Contact:Dax Networks, Chennai

Tel: 4292 3558

SMS Buy 130956 to 56677


It has a built-in web server which allows users to control it remotely via browsers. So to operate the camera we opened the Internet Explorer and entered the IP address of the camera in the URL to get the login page. A link is given on the login page to install ActiveX. Once ActiveX was installed, we were able to see the view of the camera and image quality was good. Through the IE, interface you can change the settings like network, alarm, mobile, etc.

There is also another application, NVS Center, which is provided with the camera through which you can change the settings and also control the camera. We tried to change the settings of the alarm and set the sensitivity to 5. We set the sensor and motion alarm. Camera was excellent in detecting the slightest movement and a screen appeared with the logs, containing date and time, and the current view of the camera. If you want to get the alarm status on your email, then you can also set the mail box address.


If you have multiple cameras installed then you can monitor all of them from NVS center. You get an option to search the camera in your network and if it finds any camera then you can assign it a window from where you can monitor it. You can also schedule the recording and snapping which instead of recording take the snaps. Unlike DX-137M-DN10-I-H,which is an indoor camera and was reviewed in March 2011 edition, this camera is waterproof.

If you want to zoom in any particular area for surveillance then you can select that area and separate window will appear, through which you can monitor that area. It also works fine in the dark. For the security purpose a lock icon is provided. If you click on the lock icon, it will lock the screen and then no one can make any changes or can click on any icon. To unlock it, you need to enter the username and the password.

Bottomline: This IP camera with good resolution and excellent viewing and motion detection features make an ideal surveillance system for an organization, both for within and outside the premise.