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This gateway device lets you make phone calls and send faxes over IP. It resides between your IP-network and normal analog PSTN devices like a phone or fax machine. It can be connected to any H.323 compliant gatekeeper, or also work in p2p mode. In gatekeeper mode, an account is needed from your ISP to make and receive calls over Internet. However, p2p mode can be used to communicate between two offices. If you have a leased line between your offices, you can install these IP gateways at each end to carry voice over the same line.

The default model we reviewed was configurable through Telnet or HyperTerminal. It was totally command line based and took sometime to figure out. However, we were later provided a firmware update by the company and after upgrading, it added Web-browser based configuration in it. This made configuring the unit easier. The unit has two RJ45 jacks to connect to your WAN/LAN. It can use either H323 protocol or SIP for communication, but it can’t support both simultaneously. You have to change the firmware depending upon the one you want to use. We configured two of these units and connected both a PC and a telephone to each. We were able to make phone-to-phone and PC-to-PC connections, and the quality of voice communication was acceptable. However, it wasn’t able to establish a PC-to-phone connection. Upon checking with the company’s tech support, we were informed that it works with NetMeeting 2.x. We tried it with NetMeeting 3.x since that’s the current available version, but it didn’t work. The gateway has a built-in phone book, which lets you map IP addresses to regular easy to remember numbers. 


Price Rs 19,000
: Use your analog phone and fax to communicate over IP, Supports both SIP/H323 protocols
Contact : Apcom Computers, Chennai.
Tel : 4323558/3557.
E-mail  :

Sanjay Majumder

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