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The CPt scored the highest points in overall performance and
second highest in features. It lost points in price, being the costliest in this
category. Had the price been lower, it would have easily taken the top spot. The
notebook houses a Celeron/500 MHz processor with 64 MB of RAM. It has an ATI
Rage Mobility graphics card with 8 MB VRAM, giving it a maximum resolution of
1,600×1,200 with 32-bit color depth.

Dell Latitude CPt

Notebook. Rs 1,36,000
Specs: Celeron/500 MHz; 64 MB RAM; 14.1” TFT; 4.8 GB HDD; 24x CD drive.
Pros: Two drive bays that can be swapped for FDD, CD drive, and battery pack; highest backup time and low recharge time.
Cons: High price.
Bundled Software: IE 4, Win 95 Recovery CD, Win 95 Y2k upgrade.
Vendor: Dell Computer India
4th Floor (west wing)
26-27 Raheja Towers
MG Road, Bangalore 560001. 
Tel: 80-5586110/13/14/17/18  

notebook has two drive bays that can be used for a floppy drive, DVD, CD-RW
drive, or even a battery pack. The drives can also be connected to the notebook
externally. It has both a track point and a touch pad as pointing devices. So
you can use the one you are more comfortable with. Dell calls it the DualPoint
pointing device solution. The same set of features are also available in the
high-end model–Dell Latitude CPx.

In terms of weight, the CPt was the heaviest notebook in its
category, weighing around 6 kgs with its travel bag and other accessories. For
connectivity, it comes with a built-in modem and has two PCMCIA slots. It also
has an IR port and a USB port. An S-video out port for connecting to a TV or
projector is also available. The RAM and HDD are easily accessible, which makes
it easy to upgrade. It has an ESS Audiodrive sound card. Though the volume is
loud, sound gets distorted at higher volume. Interestingly, this model comes
preinstalled with Win 95.

The CPt at a score of 19.2 Business Winmarks was slightly
behind most others in its category. But it gave the longest backup time and was
also amongst the fastest in recharging.

Overall, the notebook has good features and overall performance. The price,
however, can be lower. It comes with a three-year warranty for the notebook and
the battery.

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