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The Dell CPx came with one of the best configurations in the
shootout. It had a PIII/750 MHz processor, and 256 MB of RAM. It has an ATI Rage
Mobility card with 8 MB VRAM, which gives a maximum resolution of 1,600×1,200
with 32-bit color depth. It also has a large 14.1″ TFT screen.

Another neat feature in the CPx is that it comes bundled with
an 8x DVD drive, and all drives can be easily swapped, including extra battery
packs. So you can put in a floppy drive instead of a DVD drive. Otherwise, the
floppy drive can also be connected externally. Like its mid-range cousin, the
Dell Latitude CPt, this one has both types of pointing devices–a track point
and a touch pad.

Dell CPx 

Notebook. Rs 260,000
Specs: PIII/750 MHz; 256 MB RAM; 14.1” TFT; 11.2 GB HDD; 8x DVD-ROM drive; extra battery. 
Pros: Longest lasting battery; fastest recharge time. 
Cons: Expensive.
Bundled Software: Win DVD, MS IntelliPoint, Win 2K Pro Recovery CD.
Source: Dell Computer India
4th Floor, (west wing) 26-27, Raheja Towers, MG Road, Bangalore 560001. 
Tel: 80-5586110/13/14/17/18 

The notebook’s keyboard layout is similar to a normal-size
keyboard, and is therefore easy to use. For connectivity, it has two PCMCIA
slots, A Xircom Lan/Modem card is included in the price. It has one USB port,
and an IR port for wireless communication. Apart from the regular Monitor-out,
it has a composite Video-out socket, which can be connected to LCD projectors or
even your TV. It also has an optional docking station. We also found
upgradability to be very simple, with easily accessible RAM slots and HDD.

The CPx weighs around 6 kgs with its bag and other
accessories and was the heaviest notebook in its category. It was also the
thickest notebook .

As expected with such a high-end configuration, this notebook
was one of the top performers of the lot. It achieved the highest Business
Winstone 99 score of 26.6 Winmarks. Even with such a high-end configuration, the
CPx is efficient with power consumption and gave the battery backup of 3:38
hours. The recharge time was the least at just 1:46 hours. Its video performance
was also pretty good. As for multimedia, the sound card on-board is an ESS
Audiodrive and can achieve very loud volume.

At a price tag of Rs 2,60,000, the Dell CPx is obviously meant only for those
for whom price is not a constraint. If its price was reduced to that of the
Compaq Armada’s the notebook could have been the winner in this category. An
advantage with Dell notebooks (for that matter, even their PCs) is that they are
highly customizable. So you can look at different price-performance
configurations and find the best fit for your needs.

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