The Data Analysis Toolkit of Hadoop – Hive

January 19, 2016

- Narayana Murthy Pola, Sr. Project Manager, DST India Hive is the open source data warehouse software that helps in analyzing large datasets in distributed storage. Hive is built on Hadoop ...


Convert an Android Device into a Linux Machine

January 12, 2016

Before installing anything on your Android device always remember to backup your data. The prerequisites for the Android device are: more than 5 GB space in SD card, 1GB RAM ...

Decoding Pig: The Data Toolkit of Hadoop

December 18, 2015

- Narayana Murthy Pola, Sr. Project Manager, DST India We have seen over the last few months how Hadoop ecosystem with its Map-Reduce programming model has grown into the most cost-effective ...

Big Data Tutorial: Using YARN in the MapReduce Programming Tool

December 11, 2015

- Narayana Murthy Pola, Sr. Project Manager, DST India Over the last couple of months, we were discussing Hadoop and its components. We also discussed the need for Hadoop and its ...

Want to Achieve Optimum Manufacturing Efficiency?—Ruby on Rails will do it for you

October 15, 2015

Optimizing processes using technology is common across business segments, and in manufacturing, this becomes important to ensure the full potential of a production set-up. Today, manufacturing is moving towards an ...

Docker Swarm

Setup Docker Swarm Clusters on Azure in Just a Few Minutes

October 5, 2015

Microsoft has just announced on its Azure Blog that it has made creating Docker Swarm clusters on Azure a piece of cake through a blog post by 

7 Web Tools for Website Validation

8 Web Tools for Website Validation and Testing

September 15, 2015

A website represents your company. It must look appealing as well as free from any kind of errors. Most sites look elegant and have an eye-pleasing design but they don’t ...

Book: Software Quality Assurance, Testing and Metrics

August 18, 2015

-By Prof K K Aggarwal, former Vice Chancellor, GGS Indraprastha University, Delhi I had an interesting opportunity to go through the Book “ Software Quality Assurance, Testing and Metrics” by Dr Anirban Basu. ...

Two Decades of Java

August 17, 2015

- Sanket Atal, Group Vice President, Product Development, Oracle Corporation Java, one of the most popular programming languages for building back-ends for modern enterprise-web applications, celebrated 20 ...

InMobi launches discovery-commerce Miip platform in India

August 6, 2015

InMobi will power new mobile shopping experiences that enable discovery led commerce (d-commerce) for Indian consumers using user-first discovery platform, Miip. The online store,, Paytm and many apps have signed ...

java script frameworks

5 Best JavaScript Frameworks

June 30, 2015

As the web is evolving, fast new technologies arise, and old methodologies quickly become irrelevant. Thus selecting the right framework for your project will have a huge effect on both ...

Yahoo Mobile Developer Meetup

Yahoo’s first ever Mobile Developer Meet held in India

June 29, 2015

At Yahoo’s first-ever Mobile Developer Meetups in India, held in Gurgaon and Bangalore this week, over 350 app developers gathered to know more about the state of the app nation ...

Quikr launches Quikr Dvlpr for developers community

June 25, 2015

Quikr, a cross category classifieds business site has launched Quikr Dvlpr for developers community. As a part of this initiative, Quikr is making its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) available publicly. This ...

10 Mobile App Development Tools

June 22, 2015

Check out these tools to build either a cross-platform mobile app or one for a specific platform like Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows. Enterprises are realizing the benefits of rolling out ...

Yahoo Mobile Developer Meetup

Yahoo to host Mobile Developer Meet for the first time in India

June 12, 2015

Fresh off the launch in San Francisco, Yahoo is bringing its Mobile Developer Meetup for the first time to India. The event will be held in New Delhi on June ...


Developers can now take testing to the next level

June 11, 2015

According to the TechRadar: Continuous Software Delivery, Q2 2015 by Forrester Research, “As automated API-based testing, driven by the CD pipeline, becomes more prevalent, test data management will become essential. ...


Leverage continuous testing/delivery methodologies to rapidly deliver secure, high quality applications

June 5, 2015

Businesses today must act with speed and agility, and continuously capitalize on opportunities to deliver new solutions and experiences, business models, and revenue streams. In software development, this has fueled ...

Who Owns Your Android Application?

May 28, 2015

In spite of the world’s most accomplished security professionals working on the Android platform, there have been cases where a user should not have ‘trusted’ the released application. Here are ...


Automating Web Application Testing Using Sahi

March 4, 2015

Sahi is a free and Open Source tool that automates the process of web application testing It is available both as a free product and as Sahi ...

Get to Know the Ambient Temperature Through SMS

Get to Know the Ambient Temperature Through SMS

February 25, 2015

We use the temperature sensor of the mobile to create an application where your mobile will respond to an SMS inquiry about the temperature at your place