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You can also configure a DHCP Server in Novell NetWare easily. It’s a built-in feature of the OS. To install DHCP, type ‘load dnipinst’ from the server console. This will run the DNS/DHCP NDS schema extension, which contains both DHCP and DNS servers. Next login to the server as ‘Admin’ from a client that has the Novell 32-bit client installed. From here, go to the f:\public\DNSDHCP directory, and run the setup program you find here. This will install a DNS/DHCP management console on the client machine, which will let you configure both DNS and DHCP servers.

After it’s installed, you’ll find a DHCPDNS icon on your desktop. When you run it, you’ll be asked to specify your NDS tree. Do so and enter the DNS/DHCP management console. Here you’ll find two tabs for configuring DNS and DHCP service respectively. Click DHCP and select Our Network from the left windows panel. Now click on icon which looks like a cube on the tool bar for creating new objects. This will open up small windows for selecting objects. Select DHCP server and click ok. You will see another small window for selecting server object, browse it and double-click on your server context and click ok then create. Now you can see a server object is being created at bottom of the management control. A DHCP server has been created, and now you just need to configure it. To do so, select the server object from the bottom, and click create object again from the tool bar. Now select subnet and click ok. Define your network’s subnet, subnet mask, and the subnet’s name. Now again run Create Object, and choose subnet address range. Define your pool of IP addresses to assign and click create. Your DHCP server is now ready for some action. To start it, go to your server console and type: 

Load dhcpsrvr 

Configure your clients to automatically obtain an IP address and you’re ready to roll.

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