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More the amount of fragmented files on your disk, the longer and harder your
hard drive has to slog to access data. Manually defragmenting each and every
hard disk on the network is impractical. Diskeeper is an automatic disk de-fragmenter,
which seeks to ease your pain. It has a feature called Smart Scheduling, through
which it keeps track of the number of files moved every time it runs on each

It schedules its operation based on the number of fragmented files it finds
during each defragmentation cycle. If the number is high, it automatically
schedules itself to run more often. Conversely, after each de-fragmentation
process, it increases the time period before next defragmentation.

Rs 21,000 per server license

Key Specs:

Can run on any size of hard disk, I-FAAST, Frag Shield

Aladdin Multimedia, MumbaiTel:

Diskeeper can keep a log of all events such as files moved during
defragmentation, disk information, etc. You can also set the CPU priority, ie
how much CPU resources the tool should use for defragmentation. Its Frag Shield
feature lets you configure Master File Tables (MFT) and paging files to prevent
them from being fragmented. Diskeeper Boot-Time Scheduler can be used to
defragment these files.

The tool comes bundled with another feature called Intelligent File Access
Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST) that helps provide faster access to
files. According to Diskeeper, when I-FAAST is enabled during defragmentation,
it runs some inbuilt benchmarks on disk volumes to find their performance

Then it monitors those volumes for file access frequency to determine which
files were requested most often. Based on this information, the tool positions
them for faster access later on.

Diskeeper is easy to configure and use. When we defragmented a server’s
disk (SCSI) drives, the CPU consumption didn’t go beyond the 10 % mark.
Moreover, we were able to comfortably work with defragmentation running in the
background. The disk didn’t slow down and the system performance was
satisfactory as well.

Bottom Line: Diskeeper provides far more features than the Windows
defragmentation utility. But given its high price, you might want to first
evaluate your needs carefully before buying it.

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