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When using a DSL connection, you can either use a USB DSL modem or a DSL router. The advantage of using the modem is that it’s connected directly to your PC, and therefore when it dials out the connection, your PC gets the external IP address assigned by the ISP. In the router, however, it’s the router that gets the external IP address. 

If you want to access your PC over the Internet from outside, then you need to know the external IP address. Users of a DSL modem might not have problems with this, but those using the router would. In this article, we’ll explain how to configure your DSL router such that your PC can get an external IP and, thus, enable remote access on it .

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Applies to: DSL users
USP: Allow your PC to see your external IP address using an Ethernet DSL modem

1. In the router’s Web-based page, find ‘WAN connections’. Note down all settings, especially the ‘VCI’ and ‘VPI’ values. Delete this connection

2. Select ‘Create a new service’ option. On the next screen (as shown here), select ‘RFC 1483 bridged’ and click on Configure

3. Enter any string for the Description (‘new dsl’). Enter the VPI and VCI values that you noted above, other options at defaults. Click on Apply

4. Find the menu item to configure routing for your modem and delete all routes you see there. We don’t need these routes any more

5. Find the option to save the
changes and click on it. Once the page refreshes, turn off your
modem, wait for atleast 5 seconds and turn it back on
6. On your PC, from Control Panel, launch Network Connections > New Connection Wizard from there. Create our dial-up DSL connection
7. After the introductory screen, select the ‘Connect to the Internet’ and click on Next. Select ‘Setup my connection manually’ and click on Next again 8.  connection…’. Enter your ISP’s name and login information on the next screens
9. You should be able to see the external IP address through the connection, or by typing ‘ipconfig’ at the command line 10. Use the icon that appears on your desktop to dial the connection. It shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds to initiate the connection

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