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Bitmeter 2 is a bandwidth measurement and Internet connection speed
monitoring utility that lets you visually monitor the Internet connection by
displaying a real-time floating scrolling graph on the desktop which shows your
upload and download speed over a period of time. It keeps all information about
how much you have uploaded and downloaded since you started using Bitmeter. It
also provides an option to back up all data and traffic history.

Applies To: Personal users
Price: Free
USP: Bandwidth and speed monitoring
Primary Link:
Google Keywords: Bandwidth Meter

Bitmeter comes with a Web interface through which you can remotely monitor
your connection speed remotely through a Web browser. Another interesting
feature Bitmeter has is ISP restriction, which can be useful if you have data
download and upload restrictions from your ISP. This feature can be used to
ensure that you do not exceed your monthly limit or alert you when you near your
monthly quota. It can be configured to monitor total or download only traffic. A
calculator is present to help you find out how long it takes to download or
upload something or how much you can download or upload in a given time. You can
configure Bitmeter to alert you through sound and message notifications as and
when a certain event occurs.

Installing and using Bitmeter is simple. It requires Microsoft .NET framework
1.1 or later to be already installed.

When Bitmeter is run, it keeps a float window on the desktop, which shows
live graphs and details of data being downloaded as well as uploaded. To enable
Bitmeter’s Web interface, go to Settings from Bitmeter’s system tray. In the
new window, select ‘Web Server’ and provide the IP
address for the Web server and other information. Now click on OK.

Bitmeter provides details of data downloaded/uploaded; you can even set ISP restrictions and alerts

Now open the Web browser and see bandwidth statistics from anywhere on the
network. To see a summary of the network activity, go to Statistics Grid. Here
you can get all historical details of data downloaded as well as uploaded on
hourly, daily or monthly basis. All this helps you calculate whether your ISP
bils you right.

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