Don't Exchange or Sell Your Old Laptops, Install Linux Lite Instead

Sushant Rohan Singh
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How many times has it happen already when your older Intel i3 laptops need to be sold or exchanged. Most of the time you will get a terrible deal on e-commerce websites that will buy your old laptop in exchange for a price that is unacceptable to many. Just like you who is reading this we as well take care of our older laptops and if Windows 10 was not such a resource-heavy OS then there would have been no issue. Sadly, Windows 10 seems to be on a path of expansion and chances are that in a few updates, not even the current Intel i3 10th Gen processors will be able to handle it anymore.


But lament not for there is hope still and it is a Linux-based hope. If you haven't heard of it then you're not alone. Linux Lite is a lightweight OS made for older or very low specced systems. It is so lightweight that you just need a 1.5GHz processor with 1GB of RAM and 20GB of storage. That's it and you will have your old laptop up and running like it is new. One of the things that made Linux Lite seem like a viable replacement for Windows is the fact that there is a smooth transition between the UI of Linux Lite and of Windows.

Linux Lite Review:



We tested Linux Lite on a very old Sony Vaio laptop running on 4GB of RAM with Intel i3 2330M and 320GB of HDD. Strictly speaking, this laptop is not good enough to run Windows 10 in any meaningful way but the hardware is still pumping well. So we did install Linux Lite on it and it was amazing. This operating system is in a league of its own. We have previously the Lubuntu OS as well but Linux Lite absolutely decimated it. After years we had this rusting old Sony Vaio breathing again and it was running even better than we expected.

The user interface was lag-free or rather the entire experience was a lag-free one. There were no throttling or heating issues with the laptop and we were actually able to use it as a proper machine. This review was typed and posted from that very same laptop. Everything ran fine. We were able to connect using WiFi easily. Programs opened quickly and for the past three days, we have been running anything and everything on this tired old laptop. At this point, it is possible that you may think maybe there is a whale sized catch. No, there isn't one.

We would actually recommend using Linux Lite not just on your older laptops but if your Windows laptop is running on an Intel Celeron processor then this is the OS for you. Linux Lite has offered everything you can want from your operating system. In the image attached above, you can see the view of what the desktop looks like on Linux Lite and it does look familiar. That is exactly what the devs at Linux Lite want. A seamless transition from Windows to Linux.


How To Download Linux Lite:

To download Linux Lite you need to visit this LINK to download the torrent file or you can use this LINK to get the iso file. The size of the file is 1.3GB.

How To Install Linux Lite on PC:

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