Don’t Miss Out: Pokemon Go Now in Hindi! Exclusive Interview with VP of Niantic, A Must-Watch for Gamers

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Niantic, the firm behind the viral augmented reality game ‘Pokemon Go,’ has debuted the game in Hindi and numerous other regional languages in an exciting development for Pokemon fans across India. This decision was intended to make the game more accessible and entertaining to a broader audience in the country, where linguistic variety is celebrated.

Omar, Vice President of Niantic’s Pokemon business, spoke exclusively with PC Quest on the company’s choice to provide ‘Pokemon Go’ to Indian customers in their local languages. He emphasised the value of ethnic diversity and the necessity to engage more personally with players.

Niantic’s belief in the power of language:

India is a unique and vibrant market for us, Omar explained. “We’ve always believed in the power of language to unite people and improve their gaming experiences.” We hope to bridge language barriers and make the game more immersive for Indian users by making ‘Pokemon Go’ available in Hindi and regional languages.”

The decision is well received by the Indian gaming community, which has been enthralled by ‘Pokemon Go’ since its initial release. It has also provided opportunities for new players who may have hesitated due to language problems.

Omar also stated that Niantic is committed to making the game a culturally rich experience. “They have worked tirelessly to ensure that the Hindi and regional language versions of ‘Pokemon Go’ provide accurate translations while also capturing the essence of Indian culture.” We want gamers to have a strong emotional connection to the game and their environment.”

The announcement had stirred the gaming community, with fans eagerly anticipating the release of the localised versions. Omar informed gamers that Niantic is committed to providing a smooth experience and continually collects player feedback to develop and enhance the game.

The release of ‘Pokemon Go’ in Hindi and regional languages demonstrates Niantic’s commitment to the Indian market and acknowledgment of the country’s unique gaming community. As the release date approaches, excitement grows, and Indian Pokemon trainers may look forward to embarking on augmented reality adventures in their favourite languages, establishing a closer connection with the virtual world of Pokemon.

Take advantage of an exclusive opportunity to gain insights straight from the source! Viewers and gamers alike are encouraged to tune in and watch the entire interview with Omar, the Vice President of Niantic’s Pokemon division, as he discusses the exciting launch of ‘Pokemon Go’ in Hindi and regional languages in India exclusively to PC Quest. This interview, brought to you by PC Quest, offers a unique glimpse into Niantic’s vision for enhancing the gaming experience in India, bridging language barriers, and creating a culturally rich adventure in the world of Pokemon. It’s a must-watch for all fans and players eager to embark on this incredible journey. Take the chance to participate in this exciting, augmented reality gaming development.

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