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Central idea behind this software and similar products is that most
individuals can speak more no. of words in a given time than they can type.
Naturally Speaking 9 is a speech recognition software from Nuance. Using it one
can create docs, send e-mails, and create reports by simply dictating content.
This software is compatible with most of Windows programs used for regular
official work such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, IE, and Corel
WordPerfect. Agreat feature of this product is that besides creating docs one
can also edit created docs. This product can be of great aid for physically
challenged individuals.

We tested Naturally Speaking 9 Preferred version. Installation was simple and
easy and package includes a noise cancelling headset microphone recommended by
company. To start using it one has to configure it, create a user, and select
type of accent (there is Indian English option also available). Sound checks and
writing style recognition are carried out by software to get info about user.
Scanning existing docs to know about writing style of user without user being
asked to type anything is a good approach of this software. Once first-time
configuration is over using this software was very easy for me even with my
Indian accent. We tested this software by creating a Word doc and it was able to
type accurately most of the doc. Feature that was really standing out was the
use of IE with this software, dictating search keywords in Google and then
getting results without touching anything was amazing.

Price: Rs 17,000
Key Specs: Supports different accents and compatible with
Windows programs
Contact: Nuance communication, New Delhi
Tel: 91-98455 98420
SMS Buy 130896 to 56677

Bottomline: Efficient device for SMBs, owing to its print speed and
network integration.

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