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Digital Art Zone (DAZ) Studio is a feature rich 3D and animation program for
3D artists to create eye-catching digital imagery. You can dress up your model,
develop various shapes and bend the model into virtual actors. DAZ Studio comes
with a collection of 3D models. You can use the tool to create and design images
of mountains, rivers, forests, etc using 3D modeling and texturing tools. The
picture based interface PowerPose enables you to pose your object in several
ways. You don’t need to twist and turn camera angles to adjust various body

You can export the entire 3D scene to the new COLLADA Interchange Technology
file format which supports all the 3D programs. Here we will show you the
clothing technique that all the mainstream 3D programs focus to deliver.

Direct Hit!

Applies To:
3D artists
Price: Free
USP: Do away with manual fixing of dress
or hair
Primary Link:
Google Keyword:


Open DAZ Studio and expand the
‘Content & Figures’ tab. Double click on the ‘!Aiko 3 LE’ preview from the
DAZ Aiko 3 directory. This will bring the model on the screen
Expand the ‘Content and Poses’
tab and click on the ‘!MAT Aiko 3’ directory. In the preview, double click
on the ‘All default’, to make Aiko 3 model all skin


Go to >Content >Poses >’!MAT
Aiko 3′ directory again. Scroll down the preview and double click on the
‘Stocking’ preview. Now it looks like ‘!MAT Aiko 3’ has stockings
To apply hair, go to >Content
>Hair >Open Kozaburo directory. It shows the ‘Short bob V3’ hair style.
Double click on it to apply hair to the model’s head


If the hair aren’t properly
fixed on the head, select the hair and go to ‘Parameters’ tab. Change the
Scale to 110 percent and yTrans value to —5 to fix the hair on head
This is the right time to give
some clothes to the model. Go to >Figures >!Daybreak and double click on
‘Bobydoll with Morph’ preview to cover the body


Open ‘Poses’ tab and select ‘MAT
Arien AHA’ folder to apply textures on the frock. Double click the ‘Babydoll
P5’ texture and on the pop up menu, select ‘Babydoll with Morph’
To make the texture attractive,
select the ‘Kitty Collar’ from >Figures >’DAZ Toonimals’. Right click and
select the ‘Fit to’ option. Choose ‘Babydoll with Morph from the pop up
‘Babydoll with Morph’ from the pop up window


You have to change the hands
position now. Activate the ‘Pose/Animation’ tool from the main menu. In the
right side of the screen, you can see a body image with green dots
Come to the PowerPose body
image. When you hover the mouse over the green dots, the dot will shine and
the name of the body part will appear on the screen


Dragging lshldr/rshldr dots
downwards to bring both the hands at standing position. If the position is
incorrect, you can continue to drag from the new position
Check that the frock is fixed
properly on the back of the model. From the ‘View Selection List,’ select
the desired view. It will show you different angles of the model


Apply a beautiful pose to the
‘DAZ !Aiko 3 LE’ model. Go to Content >Poses >!Daybreak >!Babydoll A3 to the
preview. Double click on ‘Pose 6’
After posing, you are not able
to see the model’s face. Go to ‘PowerPose’ and click on ‘Head.’ Click and
drag down the green dot to set the face straight


Finally, add a background to the
image. Click the ‘Edit’ menu and select the ‘Backdrop’ to open a new window.
Browse through and apply desired background to the image
DAZ Studio is using OpenGL (Open
Graphics Library) for rendering images. You can change the rendering speed,
style and dimensions. Here, we applied the Cartoon render style

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