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The package consists of EasyWord, EasyMail, EasySpreadsheet,
and EasyPresentation.nstalling it is pretty straight forward, and it can run on
all Windows versions including XP Pro and 2003 server. The office suite can read
the corresponding documents from MS Office.  The names are pretty much self explanatory.


Rs 995 (single user license)
Office users
Includes an anti-virus, and utilities like GAIM, GIMP, Skype
Pros: Lot of useful tools
Cons: No support for macros in EasyWord
Aladdin Multimedia,
Mumbai Tel: 9820937498
RQS# E23 or SMS 132302 to 9811800601

EasyWord has pretty good features, including the ability to
create chapters  and a real-time
dictionary that appears in a small window. As soon as you type or click on any
word, it will show the meaning of that word instantly. It has a PDF filter to
create PDF files. Few things we missed in the package were support for macros
and features like track changes that are there in MS Word. EasyWord can save
files in DOC, XML, TXT, BOC, RTF and PDF. XML support does not currently work.
EasyWord let’s you upload your documents to a FTP server using FileZilla.
EasySpreadsheet (like MS Excel) can open and save XLS files, but cannot read
charts, wordart and pictures from Excel files. EasySpredsheet can read basic
formulae used in an Excel file though. It also has its own propritery ESS file
format. EasyVoice is for voice recognition. Once trained, it lets you navigate
the web by voice, and allows you to control many EasyOffice and Windows programs
by voice commands. Training EasyVoice is easy using its wizard like interface.
Its companion application (EasySpeaker) can speak as you type, or read out any
text file.

EasyOffice bundles MS Office-like applications to smooth the learning-curve

EasyMail client has anti-spam, and anti-adware capabilities
built in. It also comes with an EasyAntivirus. The mail client is similar to
Outlook in terms of features. You can import all your email addresses from MS
Outlook, transfer your contacts to your PDA or mobile phone using a utility
called EasyPDA. It doesn’t let you import mails from any other email clients
like Mozilla or Eudora mail.

The VOIP feature enables voice chat between two computers
using the third party Skype and EasySpeak. Gaim instant messenger has also been
bundled with EOP.Coming to EasyPresentation, it’s not as powerful as MS
PowerPoint. You can open PowerPoint files in it, but you can only save them in
its own proprietary ezp format. To create a presentation in this application,
you have to go through a wizard. Editing options for a created presentation are
also limited. EasyOffice also comes with an application for creating Web pages
called EasyWebPageCreator, and there’s EasyWebCapture for downloading complete
websites. For this it uses WinHTTrack Website copier, which is apparently
another third party software.

EasyOffice also ships with GIMP, the popular graphics
package with Photoshop like features such as layers, channels, filters, etc. It
supports plenty of formats including bmp, jpeg, psd, tiff etc Another Graphic
tool available in EOP is InkScape. An interesting application available in EOP
is EasyBarcode, which can create and print barcode labels. That’s not all, EOP
also has EasyZip for zipping files, EasyBackup for backing up and restoring
files. The backup utility isn’t just meant for EasyOffice files, but for any
file. A talking calculator is also bundled, which can speak and print results. A
utility for translating languages is available as well but we found it of no use
because it didn’t do any conversion between languages. Another intersting
thing is that many of its features like voice, calculator, calender etc can be
acessed from within the main office applications.

Bottom Line: Overall,
given the price, and the extra bundled goodies, the product is worth it.

Swapnil Arora

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