EBTL unveils Amour SUB Series- an affordable automation range

EBTL launches Amour SUB Series, a new co-innovation and advanced researched product in Home Automation segment. They further divided into 3 categories

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EBTL launches Amour SUB Series, a new co-innovation and advanced researched product in Home Automation segment.EBTL’s innovative and simplified Home Automation Systems are further divided into 3 categories – Amour SUB Dim, Amour SUB Tiny, and Amour SUB Gate & Curtain Controller which makes managing all the functions of home easy with a centralized control system.


This new product series is designed to provide the customers with a world-class automation product at an affordable range. Competitively priced between INR 1500 - 2500, with the new range of Sub Automation products, EBTL aims to make automation affordable and believes that home automation has to become a realistic option for the average Indian homeowner

Enthusiastic with the new launch of Amour SUB Series, Monish Salhotra, Co-Founder - EBTL said, “Since inception, EBTL has consistently worked towards providing affordable, highly efficient and technologically advanced home automation systems. India has evolved from high-tech curiosities to affordable and accessible modern home conveniences. To leverage the most advanced technology to make lives easier, Amour SUB is the latest and most affordable series in our exclusive products portfolio. With Amour SUB, we anticipate to increase our clientele base and position ourselves at a global level. The exclusive advanced features and 5 years of trusted assurance make our product standalone in the industry segment.”

“We have been proposing customized cost-effective solutions for homemakers and households depending on their requirements. The Automation segment in India needs to continuously grow by pushing beyond the boundaries and meeting the rapidly evolving customer needs and gain a competitive advantage”, he added.


The patented Home Automation and Smart Switching solutions are expected to create a breakthrough in the Indian and Global Markets with the brand’s new SUB series that is the most affordable automation product. Today’s home automation systems make it easy for homeowners to use their smart-phones or tablets to control the lights and electricity consumption of their homes. They can switch on or off the lights and set them to an appropriate brightness, all while they are away from home or lounging on the couch.

Amour SUB series

Amour SUB Dim


The Sub-Dim is a Wi-Fi controlled digital LED dimmer, which gives a continuous dimming solution. It’s a universal dimmer and can work with any LED light and Strip Lights. It replaces the LED driver and makes any light smarter. It works with and without the Internet. The uniqueness of Sub-Dim lies in its ability to be controlled in groups. The users can create their own groups of dimmers and control multiple lights together. Sub-Dim can be used to schedule the dimming of the lights at a particular set time. Priced at INR 1500.

Amour SUB - Gate & Curtain Controller

Open or close your curtains when you are still in the bed! Sub-Roll brings you the power to control your curtains from your smartphone. It is compatible with Amour App and works as an independent device. Moreover, you can control your curtains with and without the Internet. Priced at INR - 2500

Amour SUB- Tiny

A feature-packed portable device to make your devices smarter! Amour Tiny is a two-channel automation module. It can be controlled with and without the Internet. It has automation features like voice commands, scheduling, and locking and energy management. While on the Internet, you can control Sub-Tiny with voice commands too! Priced at INR - 2000