Connecting Futures: mTap Redefining Digital Networking

Discover mTap, a revolutionary digital networking platform transforming contact exchange. With dynamic profiles, seamless CRM integration, and robust security, Explore how mTap is reshaping networking in the digital era.

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In a bustling urban environment where networking is key, mTap has gained attention for its innovative approach to digital networking. The company's logo, prominently featured on numerous smartphones and tablets, represents a departure from traditional business cards toward a more dynamic method of information exchange. Founded by Roopak Gupta, mTap aims to transform how professionals develop, organize, and distribute digital profiles suited to various situations, effectively integrating into contemporary global business environments.


In a discussion with Roopak Gupta, Founder of mTap, he highlighted its key feature: streamlined contact exchange, dynamic digital profiles, integration with CRM systems, and strong security measures with user-controlled access. He emphasized mTap's role in enhancing networking efficiency and fostering meaningful professional connections worldwide. 

For a deeper dive into the specifics, delve into the complete interview below.

Could you provide an overview of what mTap offers?


mTap is a revolutionary digital networking solution designed to streamline the exchange of contact information and enhance follow-up capabilities. It empowers users to create dynamic digital profiles, effortlessly share them, and effectively manage contacts.

Could you elaborate on the key features and functionalities of mTap?

  • mTap offers multiple profiles under a single account, empowering users to tailor their interactions based on different contexts or business ventures.
  • Users can manage multiple profiles under one account.
  • Seamless integration with popular CRM systems like Zoho, Salesforce, and HubSpot for efficient contact management.
  • AI-enabled onboarding simplifies profile creation by extracting information from user websites and emails, reducing setup time significantly

How does mTap ensure the security and privacy of user data?

Security and privacy are paramount for us at mTap. We employ robust encryption methods to safeguard user data stored on our servers. Furthermore, mTap adheres to stringent data protection regulations and never sells user data to third parties. Users also can remotely revoke access to their cards in case of loss or theft, ensuring complete control over their information.

Could you walk us through the process of using mTap, from creating a profile to exchanging information?

  • The process begins with creating a profile, which users can customize to reflect their personal or professional brand.
  • Users can easily share their profiles with others via QR code, offline mode, or messaging apps like WhatsApp.
  • mTap also provides extensive analytics, enabling users to track the performance of their profiles and interactions.

How does mTap differentiate itself from traditional business cards or other digital networking solutions?

mTap offers several distinct advantages over traditional business cards and other digital networking solutions. Firstly, it provides a more dynamic and interactive platform for showcasing one's skills, experience, and accomplishments. Additionally, mTap's integration with CRM systems and customizable follow-up templates streamline the networking process, resulting in more meaningful connections and interactions.


Looking towards the future, what are your aspirations for mTap?

Our vision for mTap is to become the go-to platform for digital networking, synonymous with efficiency, innovation, and reliability. We aim to continue enhancing our features and expanding our user base, ultimately empowering individuals and businesses to forge stronger connections and achieve their networking goals.



The discussion about mTap highlights its pioneering approach to digital networking, set to redefine how professionals exchange contact information and cultivate meaningful connections. With dynamic digital profiles, seamless CRM integration, and robust security measures, mTap stands out by prioritising innovation, efficiency, and user empowerment. As mTap evolves, it aims not only to enhance networking capabilities but also to set new standards for reliability and effectiveness in the digital age.


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