Does IT really matter?

June 19, 2000

India it seems, is on an IT frenzy.

Payment Cycles

June 19, 2000

Most B2C e-capitalists assume that their venture will lower costs for the consumer. However, this needs to be worked out

Grounds for hope

March 9, 2000

School and college students are displaying a level of originality in software development, which, if properlychanneled, can lead us to the next software revolution

Designing Information Systems

March 1, 2000

Your choice of display card depends on the motherboard you own

Beyond IT Policies

January 11, 2000

For IT to flourish, the governmentmust not just create the rules, but also the enabling environment

Wanted: E-distribution

January 5, 2000

B2C e-com ventures need an efficient and cost-effective distribution network to survive

Choosing a Hard Disk

January 2, 2000

Look for fast speeds, tons of storage space, and a low price

Learn Excel

January 2, 2000

Useful features and quick keyboard shortcuts to get friendlier with Excel

Programming wise, Product foolish

January 2, 2000

The creation of a good product goes way beyond good coding. But, we seem to deconstruct the whole thing to back-end coding, instead of focusing on rich user experience

A Gadget in Every Pocket

January 1, 2000

There may soon come a day when the PC gets marginalized, and cheap, compact, and specialized gadgets become our computers of choice

Tripp Lite Omnipro INT 450

January 4, 1999

An effective UPS which could do with better regulation

NEWS MARKET WATCH Jetking Franchises Hardware Training

January 4, 1999

Jetking plans to franchise its Hardware Education Institutes in Delhi and is using a computerized selection procedure. ...

Link LU 300

January 4, 1999

A sub-compact for installation inside the PC

Glimpses from the book and from www.speedofthought.com

January 4, 1999

p>Using electronic forms saves money Using our intranet to replace paper forms has produced striking results for us. Microsoft has reduced the number of ...

Albit 500 C

January 4, 1999

A 500 VA offline with reasonable performance but low backup time

Beyond the millenium

January 12, 1998

IT will remain a lucrative career well into the next century