Tripp Lite Omnipro INT 450

January 4, 1999

An effective UPS which could do with better regulation

NEWS MARKET WATCH Jetking Franchises Hardware Training

January 4, 1999

Jetking plans to franchise its Hardware Education Institutes in Delhi and is using a computerized selection procedure. ...

Link LU 300

January 4, 1999

A sub-compact for installation inside the PC

Glimpses from the book and from www.speedofthought.com

January 4, 1999

p>Using electronic forms saves money Using our intranet to replace paper forms has produced striking results for us. Microsoft has reduced the number of ...

Albit 500 C

January 4, 1999

A 500 VA offline with reasonable performance but low backup time

Beyond the millenium

January 12, 1998

IT will remain a lucrative career well into the next century