EMC Announces Open Source Version of ViPR Controller

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EMC Corporation announces it’s plans to release an open source project based on EMC ViPR Controller, Project CoprHD, into the open source community. It is EMC’s first open source project based on one of its commercial software products. The project will make the code for ViPR Controller—the storage automation and control functionality—open for community-driven development. Source code is planned be available on GitHub shortly in June 2015.

Project CoprHD is set to be licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL 2.0) to enable customers, partners, developers and other storage vendors to access, expand and contribute to Project CoprHD’s breadth and depth of features and functionality. All storage vendors are encouraged to contribute to Project CoprHD, further expanding the ecosystem and embracing open and standard APIs.

Project CoprHD APIs are engineered to provide developers a single, vendor-neutral control point for storage automation. Just as with the EMC ViPR Controller, with the commercial version of Project CoprHD, customers, partners, service providers and system integrators can develop new service catalog offerings with automated workflows to meet their customers’ specific needs. Positioned in the data center as a single, open control plane for multivendor storage, Project CoprHD offers the same level of flexibility, choice, security and transparency as ViPR Controller, while adding the ability to create new services and applications.

Customers value plug-and-play architectures driven by software-defined solutions and standardized infrastructure. In the modern data center, storage vendors compete on the merits of their solutions to deliver compelling customer experiences. As Project CoprHD and ViPR Controller expand to support more features and more storage platforms, benefits are offered across multiple constituencies:

  • In open source software projects, customers typically realize the benefits of vendor neutrality, flexibility, better and more frequent enhancements, and more choice.
  • EMC partners can develop and deliver new service offerings for their customers and expand storage coverage to offer more choice for their customers and additional revenue opportunities.
  • Storage vendors are invited to plug into Software-Defined Storage frameworks where they can gain access to a growing Project CoprHD ecosystem and participate in helping to drive the overall increased adoption of Software-Defined Storage.


While EMC supports and contributes to the open source community in a number of ways, Project CoprHD is a critical step in EMC’s open source strategy. EMC is a founding member of — and chairs — Cloud Foundry Foundation and recently announced the EMC OpenStack Reference Architecture Partner Program and EMC{code}, the Community Onramp for Developer Enablement. This open source model of open, collaborative development is crucial to help drive broader enterprise adoption of Software-Defined Storage and storage automation and management. EMC is invested in supporting community-driven development for technologies like Project CoprHD to continue enabling innovation.

Project CoprHD will be available on GitHub in June. EMC continues to offer and support the commercial version of EMC ViPR Controller.

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