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Anushruti Singh
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If you have an idea, you wanted to build an app, marketplace or something, then is the place you are seeking. believes that everyone should be empowered to build an idea irrespective of money, resources or time, and without having to become an engineer or hire an engineering team.


Sachin Dev Duggal, Chief Wizard & Co-founder,

To get started, anyone with an app or website idea can create an account on and start designing their product. By simply dragging and dropping features from a menu into an Amazon-like shopping cart, a customer can craft the basic tenants and functionalities of their idea – from geolocation and chat capabilities to payment services or bookings.

“In the last decade, the buyer of software development has changed completely; from CIO and tech professional to small business owner or the individual dreamer. Everyone doesn’t need to code, most people just need the tools to convert their ideas to products.” said, Sachin Dev Duggal, Chief Wizard & Co-founder of


With this focus, is all set to launch a new tool set in the month of March. “We will continue to build and innovate tools that make custom software. In this continuation, there will be a big announcement as we are about to launch a new tool next month.” said, Duggal.

The product is AI driven. By using this tool, one can add any customer unique elements. Once the product request is submitted, customers receive a cost estimate and delivery timeline in real time. Whole model is based on the assembly line however here it is on cloud. The customers can be anywhere, the developers can be anywhere and is bringing them together.

Asking about the tool and its working, Duggal give us some of the idea; “Think of it like boardroom software, or think as you order pizza online; you can customize it and can choose your base and toppings. This tool will also include extremely simple features; which any non-technical person can also use and build custom software. I can add that there is zero competition in this space when it comes to the existing model of the private data market. Our approach is to take the Henry Ford assembly line concept and bring it to the software.” is working on this tool for a long time (which has been designed mostly in India) and finally they are going to bring it in the Indian market first. With this new upcoming tool, one can build the custom software as well as can do upgradation work also. The tools will be hosted on AWS and Microsoft Azure (AWS is the largest partner of in South East Asia).

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