Enjoy Uninterrupted Entertainment In Low & Zero Connectivity Area with this App

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Entertainment and travel are like bread and butter. Either of them is incomplete without the other. Whether it is a small journey or long one, entertainment is a fundamental need. Moreover, with the rise in the list of movie lovers and TV series addicts, it’s hard for people to keep away from entertainment even when travelling.

To allow users the easy access to their favourite tv shows and movies on-the-go, there are several entertainment apps. Though, there is GoldSeat among these apps, which promises to give you entertainment even in low connectivity areas through its offline streaming feature.

Further, the Co-founder of GoldSeat, Nishchal Khetarpal threw some light on the various features with which the GoldSeat is equipped. He said GoldSeat offers unlimited movie streaming on offline mode, multi-network Hi-Speed Wi-Fi for buses and trains, HD and licenced content and is free for passengers.

Technology Behind GoldSeat

GoldSeat is an IoT based platform that runs on a unique mix of embedded hardware and software. It enables travellers to stream licensed Bollywood Movies and TV Shows on the go without the need of internet. Passengers connect to GoldSeat device installed in a bus and gain access to HD movies right on their phone via the GoldSeat mobile app.

Further, to keep the passengers connected to the internet, the GoldSeat has developed a device that works with multiple networks carries at the same time to provide maximum 4G/3G internet coverage even in remote areas. The Wi-Fi is enabled with cloud-based Content and URL filtering technology that filters the kind of content which can be accessed over the internet.

Offline Streaming in GoldSeat

With preloaded encrypted content, the GoldSeat device is placed inside the bus which passengers can access using GoldSeat mobile App. HD content can be accessed seamlessly without the requirement of the internet. The App can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play using GoldSeat multi-band Wi-Fi technology. The app ensures uninterrupted entertainment in low and zero connectivity area through offline streaming.

Application Deployment

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store over GoldSeat high-speed Wi-Fi or using cellular data. This unique app is only 3 MB in size and has been purposely prepared as the one which occupies less space to ensure passengers could download it fast and get set for a magical journey.

Uniqueness Of GoldSeat

GoldSeat is a “true offline entertainment” platform which doesn’t require users to pre-load low-resolution content on smartphones with less memory space left on it. GoldSeat delivers HD content in a true offline mode served seamlessly without taking much space over the smartphone and planning entertainment source before the travel journey. Above all, it’s free for the passengers. In low connectivity areas, GoldSeat is an ultimate choice for passengers today.

GoldSeat is Secured

The licensed content placed on the GoldSeat hardware is encrypted and can only be accessed using GoldSeat mobile app that decrypts the content on the go. The app makes use of custom media player that is built in the code which restricts unknown users who are not travelling in GoldSeat installed buses from gaining access to any content.

The Future

There is a lot that’s being cooked in the kitchen right now. We are working on enhancing the passenger experience and acquiring more content licenses. We are in the business for a long run and would keep putting our efforts on enhancing on both hardware and mobile application aspects of the business.

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