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There’s an interesting trend we noticed in this segment. While amongst organizations with 500-1000 employees, HP topped the Users’ Choice club, in smaller 100-499 employee segment, Samsung takes the top seat. May be this is because smaller organizations also tend to go for assembled desktops where a separate monitor is imperative, while larger organizations tend to buy branded PCs, which come with a monitor by default. Quite a few brands made it to the Users’ Choice club this time, as can be seen from the table.

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Brand loyalty is average in this category, with HP having 95% loyal customers amongst 100-499 employee enterprises, followed by Samsung at 85% brand loyalty. HCL trails behind all brands in this category with 65% brand loyalty, and likely shift outs to Samsung and LG. In the 500-1000 employee enterprises, it’s LG that enjoys the highest brand loyalty at 93%, while Acer sits at the bottom with only 69% of its current users likely to stay with it in the future. The good thing for Acer is that it’s likely to enjoy a lot of shift-ins from other brands in this segment.

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Should you choose a Samung, or LG, or HP LCD monitors? And why? Going by the results, we found that Samsung scores over HP in 100-499 employee enterprises for all the reasons, be it brand value, product reliability, initial price, or after sales service and support. This is true for both existing Samsung users as well as those likely to shift to it in the future. In the 500-1000 employees segment, HP has an edge in brand value and product reliability, while its experience is similar as LG’s in initial price and after sales service and support amongst its existing users. Among likely future prospects, HP scores over LG in brand value and after sales service and support, but trails behind LG in product reliability and initial price.

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