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We have two different winners this time, with D-Link leading the 100-499 employees market segment and Cisco ruling the roost in 500-1000 employees segment. This doesn’t come as a surprise because Cisco has always focused at larger enterprises, while D-Link is known as a low-price networking brand for the mass. Interestingly, 3Com still enjoys good mind share, even though it is not so active in the market. HP ProCurve and Nortel are the other two brands that managed to enter the elite Users’ Choice club in the 500-1000 employees segment.

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In the 100-499 employees space, D-Link boasts a significant 56% current brand ownership followed by Cisco at 22%. In 500-1000 employee enterprises, both Cisco and D-Link almost share an identical percentage (36%) share when it comes to current brand ownership. The ToM (top of mind) recall also does not vary significantly for both brands in the 500-1000 employees category.

3Com is the only brand that enjoys 100% brand loyalty amongst its existing customers. Cisco follows suite in 500-1000 employee enterprises at 90% brand loyalty, and some customers likely to shift to 3Com and D-Link. Likewise, D-Link has 78% loyal customers, with remaining likely to shift out to either 3Com or Cisco. 9% of Nortel’s existing users also are likely to shift to Cisco. HP ProCurve showed the lowest brand loyalty amongst its existing customers and needs to watch out from both Cisco and 3Com. In the 100-499 employee enterprises also, Cisco enjoys the highest brand pull from the likes of D-Link, Nortel, and 3Com.

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D-Link or Cisco? Whose network switch should you choose? Like most other categories, brand value and product reliability are the two key reasons given by respondents for choosing these two brands, with highest percentage of votes coming from Cisco’s existing users for product reliability.

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