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There’s no unanimous winner across either employee segment in this category. While HP takes the top spot in the 100-499 employee enterprises, APC is a clear winner in the 500-1000 employee enterprises by a wide margin. IBM is a distant third in both segments.

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Top of mind recall of IT brands remains less than 50% in this segment. Only 41% of the respondents could recall APC as a brand in this space from the 500-1000 employee enterprises, followed by HP at 24%. The remaining brands had ToM recall of less than 20%. The situation amongst 100-499 employee enterprises was even worse, with highest ToM recall of only 31% for HP racks and enclosures, followed by 23% for APC. This result clearly indicates the immense potential present in this segment for racks and enclosures.

APC enjoys the highest brand loyalty in 100-499 employee enterprises, with 95% of those currently using APC saying that they’re likely to stay with the brand in the future as well. APW President follows suite at 86% brand loyalty. Amongst 500-1000 employee enterprises, HP has a brand loyalty of 94%, followed closely by APC at 93%.

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65% of those currently using HP in the 100-499 employee enterprises gave brand value as the primary reason. Interestingly however, 53% gave initial price as the key reason, meaning HP is perceived to be a cheaper brand for racks and enclosures over others. 73% of respondents who were likely to go for HP racks and enclosures in the future gave brand value and product reliability as the key reasons. 80% of respondents currently using APC gave product reliability as the key reason for opting for it.

In 500-1000 employee enterprises, 80% of HP’s users and 88% of APC’s users gave product reliability as the key reason. The same reason was given by a majority of respondents likely to buy these brands in the near future.

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