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We have two winners in the club-HP-Compaq in 100-499 employee category, and IBM in 500-1000 employee category. Dell remains consistent at the third spot in both employee segments, and interestingly, there’s another entry in the smaller organizations of assembled servers. HP-Compaq enjoys the highest top of mind recall, current ownership, and future preference amongst users amongst enterprises with 100-499 employees. IBM follows suite with the second highest percentage across these parameters.

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Another interesting fact is that assembled servers reported the highest brand loyalty in the 100-499 enterprise segment at 89%, and Dell seems to be taking the maximum advantage of this. The remaining 11% of users who were using assembled servers said they were likely to shift to Dell in the near future. The overall interesting fact in this segment is that there are shift-outs likely in every brand. HP-Compaq for instance, enjoys 80% brand loyalty, but 10% of the remaining 20% of its existing users are likely to switch to either IBM or HCL, while the remaining 10% are not sure where to switch to.

IBM has brand loyalty of 75%, but only 6% of its existing users are likely to shift to other brands. The remaining are not sure which brand to switch to. Dell has 73% brand loyalty in this segment, and about 14% of the remaining users are likely to switch to either HP-Compaq or IBM.

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In the 500-1000 employee segment, IBM tops the brand loyalty chart, but only at 79%, and likely shift outs to Acer, assembled, Dell, and HP-Compaq. HP-Compaq enjoys brand loyalty of 78%, with likely shift outs to Acer, Dell, and IBM. Likewise, Dell enjoys a brand loyalty of 78%, and is slightly better off than others, in that only 4% of its remaining users are likely to shift to HP-Compaq, while the remaining 19% weren’t sure which brand to switch to.

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