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Security is of course on top of every CIO’s mind, thanks to the ever growing
security threats. In fact, the requirement for security solutoins has increased
considerably. Last year, only 39% of the respondents were likely to purchase a
security solution. This year, that number has risen to 61%. Given the sheer
number of security threats, there’s a need for different types of security
solutions from different vendors. However, only a few vendors have really
captured the users’ mind share in the enterprise space. These are brands that
offer a boquet of security solutions.

Last year, there were five key players with sufficient votes to enter the
club. This year, that number has reduced even further to four.

One more interesting thing has happened this time. Symantec, which was the
most future ready brand till last year has slipped to the runner-up’s position
this year, and the winning spot has been taken over by Cisco.

The other brands in the Users’ Choice future ready index this time are
Microsoft and McAfee. Cisco has considerably improved its future readiness
rating over last year. The brand persuasion situation for Cisco is not very
healthy, just like last year, and the same goes for all other brands.

Most users can quickly recall these brands, but the same doesn’t really
translate to intention to purchase. In fact, all security brands need to become
more persuasive.

Cisco has improved its brand pull situation though. It’s gaining pull this
year, as against the opposite situation last year. Finally, Cisco has really
strengthened its brand loyalty, from 50% last year to 61% this time. Only 8% of
its existing users said they’re likely to switch to another brand.

Symantec has a future ready score of 75. Just like all other brands, this one
is also not very persuasive. On a relative scale however, it’s the most
persuasive brand of the lot. Symantec does need to improve its brand pull
situation. It’s the only brand in the segment to be loosing pull, i.e. there are
more switch outs happeing from the brand than switch ins. It does however, enjoy
the highest brand loyalty at 63%, but there is a significant 17% of its existing
users who’re likely to switch to competition.

Microsoft didn’t even have significant votes to be ranked last year, and this
year, it’s moved to becoming the third fastest moving brand, with a speed of 56.
On a relative scale it’s the number two most persuasive brand, but at the same
time, it has the greatest brand pull.

McAfee has a brand momentum of 50 on a relative scale. It’s the least
persuasive brand when compared to the other three, but has a more comfortable
brand pull situation than Symantec. It has a brand loyalty of 52%, and needs to
watch out because 23% of its existing customers said they’re likely to switch to
another brand.

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