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Microsoft’s SQL Server takes the top spot in both segments. This is interesting considering that Oracle is the RDBMS brand of choice in both segments, one would expect organizations to choose Oracle’s BI itself. Maybe Oracle’s BI solution is too expensive! SAP, Oracle, and IBM follow MS SQL in both segments in that order. The last two entrants who made it to the club are Cognos and SAS Institute Enterprise Miner. Even though IBM acquired Cognos a few years ago, there’s no change in the ranking if we add the results of both.

Interestingly, though MS SQL is the winner in this segment, it’s Oracle that enjoyed the highest top of mind recall amongst respondents in 100-499 employee enterprises, at 28%, with MS SQL following closely at 24%. Amongst respondents in 500-1000 employees, MS SQL scored higher than Oracle across all parameters with ToM recall from 30% respondents compared to 26% for Oracle; current ownership amongst 28% respondents compared to 26% of Oracle, and brand loyalty amongst 32% of respondents, compared to 25% for Oracle.

The real surprise came in brand loyalty figures in 100-499 employee segment, which stood at 100% for all brands. In 500-1000 employee segment however, none of the brands had 100% brand loyalty. MS SQL had 95% brand loyalty (with remaining 5% not sure where to shift); and IBM at 88% (with the remaining 12% uncertain about future switchover). The two other brands, SAP and Oracle had 82% and 79% brand loyalty, with a part of the remaining respondents likely to switch to MS SQL.

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Coming to reasons for shifting, all respondents currently using SAP BI in 100-499 employee segments unanimously gave brand value as the key reason for their choice. 91% of MS-SQL owners also gave the same reason. In 500-1000 employees segment, 75% of MS SQL owners chose it for its reliability, while Oracle BI owners gave reliability and brand value as the key reasons.

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