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This is another category without any surprises as far as the winning brand is concerned. Oracle continues to top the Users’ Choice charts in both segments. A point to note however is that the remaining brands that made it to the club follow the exact same order in both survey segments. MS SQL Server is runner up, and close on Oracle’s heels. It’s followed by MySQL and IBM DB/2, both of which trail behind by significant margins.

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In the 100-499 employee segment, Microsoft SQL Server enjoys highest ToM (top of mind) recall amongst 40% of the users surveyed, current brand ownership of 46% and brand loyalty of 47%. However, it was Oracle that had the highest shift-ins, from other brands. This is made more clear by analyzing the brand loyalty scores in this segment. IBM DB/2 enjoys the highest brand loyalty of 80%, while the remaining 20% of its users are likely to shift to Oracle. Similarly, 5% of MySQL and 2% of MS SQL Server’s current owners also said they were likely to move to Oracle in near future. Hence Oracle enjoys the highest shift-ins in this segment amongst the other brands in this category.

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Moving to 500-1000 employees segment, the story changes a little bit. It is Oracle here that enjoys the highest ToM recall of 38% amongst the survey respondents. But it was Oracle and MS SQL Server that had equal brand loyalty of 34% and shift-ins of 11% each relative to other brands in the category. Therefore MS SQL Server has been able to give tough competition to the segment winner Oracle. On the brand loyalty front, Oracle enjoys 81% loyal customers, which is the highest amongst our respondents, followed closely by IBM DB/2 at 80%. Here again, 10% of IBM DB/2’s users said they were likely to shift to Oracle in the near future while remaining 10% remained unsure.

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