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DIGILINK continues to be the favorite brand across both categories, leaving all other brands far behind. systimax was the only other brand that managed to make it to the club in the 100-499 employee category, while the 500-1000 employee enterprise segment had two other brands-Tyco Electronics, and siemon.

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DIGILINK sweeps the segment across all parameters, be it top of mind recall, current ownership, or future preference. Interestingly though, we didn’t see 100% brand loyalty in this segment, as one would expect in this segment, since structured cabling is something that lasts many years. Even the winner DIGILINK had 78% percent current users who were unlikely to shift in the 100-499 employee segment. Of the remaining 22%, 9% were likely to shift to other brands, while the remaining 13% weren’t sure which brand they would shift to. In 500-1000 employee category as well, the winning brand had 89% brand loyalty.

Systimax had much lower brand loyalty in the 100-499 employees segment, with only 56% of its existing customers saying they’ll stay with the brand. Others either didn’t know which brand to shift to, or said that they were likely to move to DIGILINK. In the 500-1000 employees category, Tyco enjoys the highest brand loyalty followed by systimax. Interestingly, the users who were likely to shift out of both Tyco and systimax said they would move to DIGILINK.

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In the 100-500 employee enterprises, existing users of DIGILINK gave product reliability as the key reason for using the brand, and 76% of users that were likely to shift to it also gave the same reason for their shift. In 500-1000 employee enterprises also, a majority of DIGILINK’s users gave reliability as the key reason, while for systimax, the key reason was brand value. This is not surprising because systimax is a very old and established brand.

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