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Unified Communication isn’t something for the big boys only, even small and mid-sized enterprises in India use it or are actively considering to use it. This result came across very clearly from our survey’s findings. In fact, Cisco enjoys the top spot in this space with a significant lead over others, followed by IBM in the 100-499 employees segment and Microsoft in the 500-1000 employees segments. Other key players in this segment that managed to make it to the Users’ Choice club include Teleware, Avaya and Nortel.

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Both Cisco and IBM enjoy 100% brand loyalty from its existing users in the 100-499 employee segment. Microsoft’s brand loyalty in this segment is a concern at only 67%, with 17% respondents likely to shift to IBM, and another 17% not sure where to shift to. Teleware enjoys 50% brand loyalty, and the remaining 50% of its customers are likely to switch to Microsoft. In 500-1000 employee segment, Avaya and Cisco enjoy 100% brand loyalty, followed closely by Microsoft at 92%. IBM’s brand loyalty is at 79% with 7% of its existing users likely to switch to Cisco, and the remaining were not sure which brand to switch to.

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86% of users who are currently using Cisco’s UC solutions in the 100-499 employees space gave brand value as the primary reason for the choice. 80% of those who’re likely to choose Cisco in the future also gave the same reason for their choice. In case of IBM, things are a little more interesting. 75% of the respondents currently using IBM’s UC gave all three-brand value, product reliability, and after sales service/support as the key reasons. Nobody gave initial price as the key reason for choosing IBM. For the future, users said they’re likely to use IBM primarily for its reliability, followed by brand value. In the 500-1000 employees space as well, brand value and product reliability are the two key reasons that emerged for using/choosing Cisco and Microsoft.

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