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We have different winners in each of the two employee segments in this category. While Sony dominates the prestigious Users’ Choice club in the 100-499 employees segment, it’s Avaya that reigns supreme amongst enterprises with 500-1000 employees. Avaya is also a runner-up in the smaller organizations segment, while in the larger organizations, Polycom takes the runners-up position. The fourth brand that made it to the club is Tandberg, which trails at the fourth spot in both segments.

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Amongst 100-499 employees enterprises, both Avaya and Tandberg enjoy 100% brand loyalty amongst their existing users, with Sony close behind at 95% brand loyalty and Polycom at 80%. In the 500-1000 employees organizations, Avaya enjoys 88% brand loyalty, and the remaining 12% of this brand’s users not sure which brand to switch to. Sony enjoys 86% brand loyalty in this space, with 10% of its existing users likely to switch to either Avaya or Lifesize. Polycom is at 81% brand loyalty and faces a bit of competition from Avaya and Tandberg, as some of its users said that they were likely to switch to these two brands. Lastly, Tandberg had 58% brand loyalty, with the maximum shift likely to happen to LifeSize.

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Coming to reasons for choosing the top three brands, Sony, Avaya, and Polycom, we found that all users who were currently using Avaya in 100-499 employee organizations said they were using it for its brand value and product reliability. 100% of the users who were likely to choose Avaya in the future said they would for its brand value, and surprisingly, another 100% votes also went for its after sales service and support. In the 500-1000 employee segment, 83% of existing Avaya users voted for its brand value, while 93% who were likely to go with Avaya in the future gave product reliability as the key reason. Those who prefer Polycom use it or are likely to buy it for its reliability.

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