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From the survey we were able to identify 5 brands out of which 4 made into
User’s Choice club of 2010. Winner of this segment is Polycom with Avaya, Sony,
and Tanberg/Cisco as other members. The only major name that missed out this
time is LifeSize. Drilling further, we found out that approximately 54% of
participants used Polycom as their video conferencing solution provider. This
remains same when it comes to top of mind brand recall; Polycom is again leading
with 44% TOM recall. Sony, the other strong contender, has a top of mind recall
of 25% with 15% participants using it.

For future preferences, users have given higher votes to Polycom because of
its brand name, product reliability and initial price. Highest number of
respondents chose Sony for its after sales support.

Choice Club 2010
Another of those categories, where one player is miles ahead of competition.


         Future Brand Preference
Users are likely to prefer Polycom over other brands for all reasons except
after sales support.

When it comes to vertical and brand wise dominance, there are only two brands
that stand out i.e Polycom and Tanberg/Cisco. Out of these, Polycom reigns
supreme across maximum zones and verticals. Seven out of eight verticals is
dominated by Polycom losing out to Tanberg/Cisco in healthcare vertical. Moving
to zone wise dominance, we found out that except east all the zones preferred
Polycom as their video conferencing provider.

Brand Loyalty 2010 vs 2009
Avaya saw the maximum gain in loyal customers over the past year.

Coming to brand loyalty, Avaya and Tandberg/Cisco saw an increase in loyal
customers over the last year and Polycom and Sony lost loyal customers over last
year. Avaya is doing great when it comes to retention of existing users with 75%
participants saying that they would continue using services from it.

Tanberg/Cisco and Polycome are close to each other at second place with 61%
and 62% brand loyalty. From our data, it looks Sony customers are most eager to
switch to different brand with 42% brand loyalty.

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