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Bangalore,India: We already know that sometimes Apple products and Microsoft products don’t really get along. This time, a bug in the iOS 6.1 is hurting
enterprises using Microsoft’s Exchange servers. According to a post on Microsoft’s
TechCenter forum on January 31st, the user BPendino says “I had a user upgrade to 6.1 and immediately after he finished, his phone/IPAD started causing
excessive logging on the exchange server.He shut down Outlook and the problem remained. He Turned OFF his IPAD and the problem went away. The only change
he said he made that morning was upgrading to iOS 6.1” and that “His device caused over 50GB worth of logs for that particular database.”

There have also been several other reports of similar situations. The error is supposedly occurring because of the iOS ActiveSync feature, which constantly polls the
Exchange server for new emails. Every time this happens, a log file is created on the server. When the size of the log files gets extremely large, the
server will slow down tremendously and even crash. This is a serious issue because other users will not be able to access their mail either. To counter
this problem, some organizations have blocked iOS 6.1 devices from accessing the exchange server until Apple released an update to fix this issue. Calendar
services will also be affected by the new version of the OS, so enterprises should wait for this issue to be sorted out before letting upgraded users to
access their server.

Did your organization face any problems because of this? Let us know in the comments below!

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