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Everyone has probably heard that electronic devices emit radiation that can be harmful to living beings. Doctors for instance, don’t recommend heart patients with pacemakers to use mobile phones because they interfere with its functioning. Or if they do give the permission, the cellphone has to be used in a way that it doesn’t get too close to the pacemaker. Airlines tell passengers to switch off their mobile phones during flight take-off or landing because it interferes with the aircraft’s navigation system. Even some phone manufacturers recommend that you don’t talk on your mobile phone for more than 15 minutes at a stretch, while some even recommend that you keep it at a distance of 1.5 cms from your ear while talking.

The reason for all this is clear, that the radiation emanating from electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, WiFi equipment, CPUs, monitors, etc. is not good for health. The logic behind the same is also fairly simple. These devices emanate systemic radiation, which has a definite waveform, while living beings emit random radiation. Systemic radiation affects the body’s functioning and increases its stress level. If it could be converted into random radiation, then it wouldn’t have much effect on the body.

That’s the principle on which the Enviro Chip works. It doesn’t stop the radiation emanating from electronic devices, but simply converts it to random radiation. This maroon colored, shiny little chip is a different kind of product than what we usually review in our lab. Unlike the name, it doesn’t have any intricate electronics circuitry inside. It’s just made up of some specially formulated material and software that’s supposed to neutralize the harmful effects of radiation that emanates from devices like cellphones, laptops, WiFi equipment, CPUs, monitors, etc. All you have to do is to paste the chip on a specific area of the device that you spend a considerable amount of time (4 hours) using every day. While it’s functioning isn’t really visible, its color and size is. The company might want to look at improving its aesthestic appeal by making it in different colors so people can choose a color that matches their device.

Whether the device actually works or not is not something that can be judged in a test lab like ours, but the company that sells the product, Synergy Environics has conducted several tests with neutral third party organizations to verify that it actually works. One such test was conducted on 200 people at Max Hospital in New Delhi, and it was discovered that people who had a pulse rate of more than 82 showed a reduction of 4-6% after using the Enviro Chip. The company conducted a similar study on employees of a Noida based call center, Steria India Ltd. A similar kind of data was collected for 317 people, and here again, it was found that the Enviro chip improved the pulse rate of employees who participated in the studies. Needless to say that a reduced pulse rate means lesser stress on the human body, leading to longer life span.
These studies do indicate that the Enviro Chip holds some merit and could be worth buying.

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